Automotive Powder Coating


Give your vehicle’s components a full makeover with the help of automotive powder coating services in Perth. At Powder Force, we can provide cost effective and environmentally friendly powder coating that you can trust to achieve a durable finish. With the help of our powder coating services, you can customise the look of your vehicle while also increasing the longevity of its components. It’s the perfect solution when you want to change up the look of your vehicle, while also granting it with greater resistance against the harsh weather conditions and elements. 

At Powder Force, we always carry out powder coating services to the highest standards. We are trusted by several businesses in the automotive industry, so you can always expect us to carry out the job quickly and carefully with our unparalleled attention to detail.   


Powder coating your automotive components will result in a much thicker and tougher layer of protection. During the powder coating process, ground resin and pigment is applied to the metal surface using electrostatic charge. Not only is this less harmful and wasteful than using liquid paints. Aside from this, it also results in a much more durable, long-lasting finish, that will ensure to resist against everything from moisture and UV light to excessive heat, chemicals and more. All in all, powder coating is a simple yet highly effective way to improve the look and corrosion-resistance of your automobile. 

At Powder Force, we can provide high quality powder coating for a wide range of automotive components. This includes everything from wheel rims, suspension components and trims to roof racks, body panels and more. Using the latest powder coating equipment, we can carry out our services with quick turnaround times and at competitive rates. 

To enquire about our automotive powder coating services, contact Powder Force today! 

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