Stainless Steel Powder Coating


Searching for high-quality stainless steel powder coating services? Turn to none other than Powder Force for a job done right the first time. With a protective coating over your stainless steel surfaces, you can guarantee a number of different benefits. These include increased corrosion resistance, durability, longevity and a customised look for your stainless-steel projects. All in all, our stainless-steel powder coating services ensure to extend the life of your stainless-steel surfaces and enhance their appearance. Ultimately, you can look forward towards a bright and shiny lustre that results from having resin and pigment applied electrostatically. 


Want to customise the look of your stainless-steel surfaces whilst also increasing its resistance and lifespan? Stainless steel powder coating is the perfect solution. At Powder Force, we utilise the latest powder coating technology. This allows us to complete the powder coating process in a fast and efficient manner. Our team are highly experienced in carrying out powder coating processes. Moreover, we can offer you a wide range of different powder coated colours to choose from. Having your stainless-steel surfaces powder-coated will provide resistance against flaking, peeling and fading. The powder coating process will enable a high-quality, durable metal finishing that will promise to withstand against moisture, chemicals and UV light. Aside from this, it will also make these surfaces easy to clean and maintain. No matter whether you want to change up the look of your fencing, vehicle components, furniture, blinds, shutters or any other stainless-steel surface, you can expect our powder coating services to provide as the perfect solution. 

Interested in getting stainless steel powder coating for your fencing, gates, screens or any other application? To book a service with Powder Force, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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